SATEX - Siyabona Africa's Specialist Travel Franchise Network focused on the New African Traveller

Find out if you have what it takes to face the challenge of being in business for yourself in the exciting world of Travel in Africa.The Siyabona Africa Travel Express [SATEX] Network - is an expansion of an already successful destination marketing company that represents approximately 2000 holiday experiences and accommodation in 9 African countries and several Indian Ocean islands.

With SATEX, you wont be by yourself: you will be provided with dedicated training in an innovative training program, by an organization with over 50 years experience in Africa Travel, as well as the neccessary business systems and procedures that will ensure that, if you have the spirit and the will for this endeavor, you will succeed.This website presents for you, in a clear structure, a franchise networking concept that will provide opportunities for business to people that have up until now, not had the facility, nor the hope of being able to enter the Travel market.

Serving the African Traveller Market

With a focus on the emerging African Traveller Market and economic empowerment, SATEX will develop a network of experts, a network of Local Area Travel Experts, whose entreprenurial ability will make them part of the evolving Southern Africa travel experience.

Training and Support

Find out how your training, with SATEX's technological support, will put you at the fore-front of travel marketing opportunities that, until now have not been possible, and that are only now being launched.

More Than A Franchise

SATEX is Commited to Community Upliftment. As part of SATEX, you will be working with an organization that is committed to Environmental and Social Responsibility. And you, yourself, will be responsible for the eventual transformation of the community you live and work in.

Siyabona has created and defined a new frontier in African travel. It was established and developed, by a few passionate individuals who realised the potential and importance, of promoting Africa's attractions to the world's travellers, through combining quality African destinations, and presenting these through a medium of advanced technology. Siyabona is its own ISP (Internet Service Provider), and has developed an extremely strong and successful network of travel domains, focussing on an array of African travel destinations and products.

The process of identifying these destinations, and ensuring successful search engine optimisation, has evolved into Siyabona being a pioneer in its field at creating destination and product awareness, to a myriad of travellers to Africa from all over the world.

Traditional travel agencies rely heavily on advertisements and multiple retail locations to generate business, looking to Independent, or 'Outside,' Agents as supplemental sources.

In direct response to pioneer African Travel opportunities, through medium of direct marketing, Siyabona has created a new form of Internet-based travel service intermediary agency, that virtually eliminates the need for advertising and branch offices, and relies solely on the efforts of its Independent Travel Agents and their network, combined with its strength in web marketing, to generate 100% of its business.